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Friendly, Knowledgeable and Comprehensive Dental Care in Quincy, California

We are proud to offer a comprehensive array of dental services in our office, from routine cleanings and hygiene appointments to dental implants, laser gum disease treatment and full-mouth rehabilitation. We can provide every member of your family with the treatments they need to have a healthy, comfortable mouth and beautiful smile.

We Offer the Following Services:

Here is a list of the many services we offer our patients:

FREE Consultation for Any of Your Dental Concerns

  • Meet with the doctor
  • Learn about your treatment options
  • Get all your questions answered

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Dr. Herndon giving a free consultation to a new patient

A Clean, Sterile Environment

Your health and safety are our highest priority; that’s why our practice follows strict sterilization and disinfection protocols as recommended by the CDC, OSHA and the American Dental Association. These protocols ensure the protection of our patients and staff and are effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19, influenza and other serious communicable diseases.

Same-Day Emergency Treatment

We are committed to helping people who are experiencing dental emergencies get the help they need as fast as possible. If you are in pain, call us right away at 123-456-7890, and we will make sure you are comfortable and seen the same day, no matter how busy we are. We know that dental emergencies do not keep to a schedule, so we even provide emergency aid outside of our regular office hours.

New Patient Exam

We love meeting new patients and will make you feel welcome upon your arrival. You’ll get to talk with one of our friendly assistants about your concerns and what brings you to our office, and we will take fast and comfortable low-radiation digital X-rays of your teeth. Dr. Herndon or Dr. Luscri will meet with you and perform a thorough examination of your mouth, including looking for any signs of oral cancer. All of your questions will be patiently answered and all your concerns addressed.

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A new patient meeting front office staff

We are excited to meet you and help you achieve your dental goals.

Interdisciplinary Diagnosis

Our doctors have a broad and deep background in a wide variety of dental disciplines—this enables them to fully evaluate and diagnose your entire situation. You can trust that your diagnosis will take into account all aspects of your oral health and condition, and that your treatment options will reflect that knowledge base as well.

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Cleanings and Deep Cleanings

When you come to us for a cleaning, you will receive the benefits of our years of experience and training in proper gum care. We also use the latest technologies to ensure our cleanings are thorough and gentle, including the following:

  • The Perioscope is a tiny (1mm) camera that lets us see into your gum pockets to treat areas that otherwise wouldn’t be visible without surgery.
  • Our ultrasonic scaler uses sound waves to kill bacteria and remove plaque and tartar more effectively and comfortably than with a traditional scraping instrument.
  • We also have a dental laser we use to remove diseased tissue without affecting your healthy tissue.

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Family Dentistry

Our doctors welcome kids of any age to our friendly and accommodating practice. We offer an array of services to help them establish and maintain good oral hygiene. One of our main goals is to help kids to not be afraid of the dentist so they can become anxiety-free dental patients as adults.

We make dental visits easy and fun for kids. Our doctors and assistants are great at distracting kids with silly songs or conversations so they don’t focus on what’s happening in their mouths. We have special kid-friendly names for our instruments and equipment and, before we use them, show kids what they do and that they don’t hurt. We have oversized stuffed animals that kids can play with, hold or sit on to elevate them in the chair, and we can provide kid sunglasses if the dental light is too bright. Our waiting room has a children’s coloring corner with coloring books and storybooks, and, at the end of their visit, kids can take a toy, sticker or other treasure home from our treasure box.

Pediatric treatments we offer include the following:

  • Nutritional and hygiene counseling
  • Exams
  • Digital X-rays
  • Cleanings
  • Sealants
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Baby root canals
  • Baby teeth extractions with space maintenance
  • Silver Diamine Fluoride treatment that can slow or stop the progression of cavities
  • Wisdom tooth extraction

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A happy child with a stuffed animal that was given to her by staff

We help children develop a positive impression of going to the dentist by making their experiences in our office as enjoyable as possible. Kids can even relax with large stuffed animals, like Mrs. Waffles the sea turtle.

Tooth Extractions

Our primary goal is to save your natural teeth whenever possible, but, if a tooth is beyond the point of saving, Dr. Herndon is able to extract it quickly and gently. If needed, he can also do preservation of the socket and bone ridge left behind for future implant placement.

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Bone Grafting

When needed, the doctors do bone grafting to create a stable foundation for dental implant placement or to repair damage to bone caused by gum disease. Depending on the case, they may incorporate special growth proteins to speed healing and promote faster regrowth of your natural tissue.

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TMJ/TMD Treatment

The jaw joint (also known as the temporomandibular joint and commonly referred to as the “TMJ”) is a unique joint in the body in that it both rotates and slides, and the disc inside is not fixed. When the disc stops sliding, or it slips out of position, the joint and muscle system can get out of balance and result in pain, headaches, muscle spasms and a poorly functioning bite. These kinds of problems are called temporomandibular disorders (or “TMD”).

Dr. Luscri provides a detailed examination for TMD and can alleviate discomfort from clenching, grinding and headaches with a combination of exercises/stretching, behavior modification, bite splints and medication, as needed.

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TMJ/TMD treatment illustration

Oral Appliance Therapy for Sleep Apnea

People with sleep apnea typically wake up in the morning feeling exhausted because their body has not gotten the rest it needs to properly function. Over time, untreated sleep apnea could result in high blood pressure, chronic heart failure, stroke and a host of other serious health problems.

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the soft tissues at the back of the throat relax too much during sleep and end up cutting off the flow of air. This results in stoppages in breathing that can last for up to a minute or longer and can happen hundreds of times per night.

The traditional way to treat sleep apnea is using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. However, around half the patients who are prescribed a CPAP end up not using it because it is so loud, restrictive and uncomfortable to wear.

Oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea illustration

An illustration of how obstructive sleep apnea blocks the airway.

Dr. Luscri offers a convenient and comfortable alternative to the CPAP with oral appliance therapy. Oral appliances are custom-made nightguard-like devices that fit over the teeth and keep the lower jaw shifted slightly forward to keep the airway open during sleep.

Different styles of appliances work best for different situations, so Dr. Luscri makes sure to thoroughly evaluate each patient’s situation and customize their oral appliance to meet their specific needs. She uses a pharyngometer, a sophisticated device that uses sound waves to measure the volume of the airway and map it out visually, to see where the area of greatest constriction is and what jaw position provides the greatest improvement. She then uses this data with digital scans of the patient’s teeth to create the ideal oral appliance for their unique case.

After using their oral appliances, patients report feeling better because their sleep has improved, and some are even able to ditch their CPAP entirely!

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Close up oral appliance

Oral appliances fit easily and comfortably in the mouth. Studies have shown oral appliance therapy to be a great alternative to CPAP for most patients.