General Dentistry for the whole family

Implants and Advanced Periodontics


Skilled, Comprehensive Family Dentistry

Every member of the family, starting as young as 12 months old, can get the dental treatments they need at Lost Sierra Dental. We offer everything from cleanings to full-mouth reconstruction, all in one convenient location so you and everyone in your family can attain optimal oral—and overall—health.

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A happy family of four all brushing their teeth together

High-Tech Dental Implant Treatment

We strive to help patients retain their natural teeth for life, but, when teeth are too far-gone or are already missing, dental implants are the optimal solution for teeth replacement. They provide the most lifelike appearance and function of any tooth-replacement option.

Our doctors are highly skilled and experienced in providing dental implants. They use state-of-the-art technology and techniques to make the treatment precise, efficient and comfortable for our patients.

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Dr. Herndon showing a patient his high-tech dental implant treatment

The doctors use the latest dental technologies, including 3D imaging, to provide comfortable, effective and stable teeth replacement with dental implants.

Dr. Herndon showing his patient effective microsurgical treatment for gum disease

Dr. Herndon shows a patient how the laser is used to effectively treat gum disease.

Effective Microsurgical Treatment for Gum Disease

We take your gum health very seriously and work hard to remedy gum disease without having to resort to traditional scalpel surgery. Dr. Herndon is highly experienced with using an advanced dental laser paired with a tiny (1mm wide) camera to comfortably and thoroughly treat persistent gum disease.

Our doctors are so skilled at treating gum disease, and their methods are so effective, we can often save teeth that other dentists would have extracted!

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Friendly, Comfortable Care

We go out of our way to help our patients feel relaxed and at ease at all times. Our doctors and staff are known for their friendly, welcoming and caring chairside manner. You can enjoy comfort amenities in our office, including pillows, blankets, music and complimentary beverages. If you are feeling anxious or are dental-phobic, we can also help you relax with sedation options, including intravenous (IV) sedation.

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Dr. Herndon shaking a satisfied patients hand.

We treat our patients like family and work hard to ensure they are comfortable before, during and after their treatments.

Real Patient Stories

“Through Dr. Herndon’s skill and expertise, my infected
gums were completely healed and are now infection free.
No longer am I in danger of losing teeth.”


Dental Implants

“I love my smile because of Dr. Luscri, and she has a
way of making me feel very comfortable in the chair.”


Laser Gum Treatment

“My reconstruction has given me a mouth that looks
good and works perfectly.”


Laser Gum Treatment & Gum Graft

“I like that I can have my dental work done locally
versus driving to Reno.”


Laser Gum Treatment & Gum Graft