Real Patient Stories

Merle Haggard stated on his album "Haggard, Like Never Before,” "This album was made possible by dental surgery by Dr. Michael W. Herndon."

In a 2005 interview with the Wall Street Journal, Merle said, "I'm able to talk to you now without any impairment; I couldn't do that over the last five years. I had to balance upper dentures on my tongue in order to sing. … Now I have a complete mouth tuned by a dentist, Dr. Michael Herndon of Quincy, Calif., who's a musician himself."

Dr. Herndon jamming with Merle Haggard.

Dr. Herndon jamming with Merle Haggard.

Real patient Niki portrait

“Dr. Herndon and Dr. Luscri are very talented dentists and wonderful people. They genuinely care about their patients and are constantly finding new ways to better serve their community.

“Dr. Herndon is extremely knowledgeable and an amazing dentist. I’ve seen him do nothing short of magic on some mouths.

“Dr. Luscri has primarily been my dentist, and she is wonderful. I love my smile because of her, and she has a way of making me feel very comfortable in the chair.”

Veneer and Teeth Whitening
Real patient Scott portrait

“I broke a tooth off at the gumline and went to a dentist that recommended a bridge and said an implant was complicated and probably would not work in my situation. I thought about it and decided to get a second opinion from Dr. Herndon.

“Dr. Herndon took the time to completely evaluate my situation and presented me with options. He was extremely knowledgeable, pleasant and sensitive to my dislike of tooth pain—I have a high pain threshold, except when it comes to my teeth!

“I felt completely confident in Dr. Herndon’s ability to give me an implant. He and his staff took the time to make sure that everything was done right. The entire staff was friendly, knowledgeable and willing to answer all my questions and concerns. Everyone was professional and kept my comfort and understanding of what was happening a top priority the whole time. The result was an implant that was skillfully done and designed to match my mouth.

“Dr. Herndon is a skilled artist. The implant I received looks fantastic! It gives me confidence in my appearance, and I am extremely happy with my results! I would recommend this practice to anyone, especially anyone with dental fears or pain sensitivity such that I had.”

Real patient Dan portrait

“The experience we’ve had with Dr. Luscri’s office over the past 10 years has been great. It is a small family practice that cares for its patients.

“When calling the office, you speak to a real person and never get transferred back and forth to get an answer. Scheduling is easy and flexible, and there is always a personal phone call the day before to confirm the appointment.

“The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They take the time to get to know their patients and ensure their needs are met. Dr. Luscri always takes time to explain what she sees and gives her recommendations along with other options.

“It’s thanks to them that myself and my family have healthy mouths.”

Family Dentistry
Real patient Beverly portrait

“I like that I can have my dental work done locally versus driving to Reno.

“Drs. Herndon and Luscri know my mouth—I have dental conditions that most patients don’t have. They know I need frequent breaks and numbing.

“My teeth were in terrible shape after a previous dentist placed an implant incorrectly. I had no bite. Now, I can chew on the right side of my mouth again. They also fixed my other teeth, including getting two new crowns.”

Implants and Crowns
Real patient Bary portrait

“When I first saw Dr. Herndon, I had total bite collapse, missing teeth, periodontal disease and other problems. All my remaining teeth were out of place. The technical challenges of my case cannot be overstated. And the entire project had to be done in one procedure, as replacing one or two teeth at a time wasn’t possible.

“Dr. Herndon spent over six months planning and surveying an entirely new bite—in essence, a totally new mouth. After months of preparation, he removed a dozen crowns and placed temporary crowns on everything. The next day, he finished up, and in the following months, placed permanent crowns and three bridges.

“It is now eight years later, and I have had no problems whatsoever. This complex reconstruction continues to function well and look perfect. I would highly recommend Dr. Herndon for the most difficult surgical dental procedures and reconstruction. My reconstruction has given me a mouth that looks good and works perfectly. ”

Full-Mouth Reconstruction with Implants, Bridges, Gum Treatment and Crowns
Real patient Joseph portrait

“Dr. Luscri cares about her patients and is exceptionally trained and skillful. She is respectful, fun and always upbeat. She explains all the work to be done and works efficiently. Her work is excellent and the most professional I have experienced!”

Teeth Whitening and Crowns
Real patient Jim portrait

“After my primary care dentist shared with me that my gum disease was beyond his ability to treat, he recommended I seek treatment from a gum specialist. Through research and shared patient experiences, I determined laser surgery would be my best surgery option. I then searched the Internet for a doctor who did laser gum surgery, and found Dr. Herndon.

“Even though Dr. Herndon’s office was not nearby, I called the office and expressed my needs, concerns and interest in the laser surgery. Teresa explained to me that not only did Dr. Mike possess the latest and best laser technology, but he participated in seminars demonstrating strategies and techniques utilized in laser surgery.

“I met with Dr. Mike, and he thoroughly explained the procedure I needed, including the difference between dental surgery and laser surgery. I chose laser surgery and found the procedure and result even better than I could have imagined. The procedure was so painless I did not even need an Aspirin.

“The staff surrounding Dr. Mike is exceptional. It is obvious the staff is happy to work and support one another. Their patient approach is to provide the best dental care possible. The office environment is one of happy, pleasant professionals.

“I like and appreciate the fact that from the moment you walk through the front door you, the patient, become the focus of the staff. The entire staff is friendly and able to interact with you on both a personal and professional level. You know immediately that they wish for you to have the best dental care possible.

“Through Dr. Herndon’s skill and expertise, my infected gums were completely healed and are now infection free. No longer am I in danger of losing teeth.”

Laser Gum Surgery, Crown Replacement and Root Canal Therapy
Real patient Hank portrait

“Dr. Herndon’s skill is obvious, and his ability to communicate and make each step clearly comprehensible has made my late-life dental journey as low-stress as imaginable. While we’re still making adjustments, my outcomes to date are: elimination of oral infection, improved nutrition, retention of my singing voice and a much more attractive smile.

“I believe Dr. Herndon’s innate curiosity has led him to genuine expertise across a wide range of what are often considered dental specialties. This body of interrelated knowledge allows him to deliver results in less common situations.

“His ongoing attention to detail throughout the post-op process improves the outcome of the initial work. This makes for a very satisfying and rewarding experience as Dr. Herndon’s dental patient.

“The teamwork and camaraderie of the support staff speaks to Dr. Herndon’s humanity and appreciation of his employees. Every person on the staff strikes me as an MVP superstar. How many dental patients can say they look forward to an appointment for other than strictly medical reasons? These folks know their stuff, and they know their people too. In my case, Dr. Herndon’s knowledge of speech therapy and vocal production makes it possible for me to continue to sing with the same vocal tone and articulation I enjoyed prior to the removal of my natural teeth and creation of my new dentures.”

Extractions and Dentures

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