State-of-the-Art Technology

Dr. Luscri showing her patient something on her laptop screen

Our Advanced Dental Technology for Improved Patient Experience

While the outside of our practice appears charmingly rustic, the inside is filled with the latest dental technologies to give you the treatments you need more comfortably, accurately and efficiently than ever before.

Dr. Herndon standing with the beam CT scanner

The doctors use our cone beam CT scanner to take a highly detailed, 360-degree X-ray of your mouth and jaw area. This allows them to view all the facets of your oral anatomy at once in 3D for precise treatment planning.

Dr. Herndon and Dr. Luscri looking at high-tech 3D implant planning software

Implant placement is planned out in advance using high-tech 3D implant planning software.

Dr. Luscri standing with the CEREC system

The CEREC® system enables the doctors to give you a custom-made new crown or other dental restoration in a single appointment!

Dr. Herndon can treat non-surgically using a sophisticated dental laser

Gum disease can be treated effectively and non-surgically using a sophisticated dental laser.

Dr. Herndon showing a patient deep into gum pockets with the perioscope

The Perioscope lets us see deep into gum pockets and allows the doctors to find and treat areas of gum disease that otherwise couldn’t be seen without surgery.

Dr. Herndon showing a patient his immediate digital x-rays

Our digital X-rays are safer for you than traditional X-rays. They produce 80% less radiation and can be viewed immediately.

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