Gum Recession Treatment in Quincy, California

Protect Your Teeth and Rejuvenate Your Smile

Receding gums age a smile, making you look older than you really are, but they also leave your teeth more susceptible to damage. The softer, yellowish roots of teeth lack the hard, white enamel that protects the crown portion. When the gums no longer adequately cover them, it becomes far easier for harm to come to these important parts of the teeth. Thankfully, Drs. Herndon and Luscri offer treatments that will restore proper, long-lasting gum coverage to help you keep your teeth healthy.

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Restoring Healthy Gum Coverage of Tooth Roots

One way the doctors restore receded gums is with gum grafting. They take compatible tissue either from the roof of your mouth or from another source and affix it onto the affected area. The new and old tissues are joined together to provide the needed coverage.

Depending on the case, graft material can also be “tunneled” under the gums. This is far less invasive than it sounds! The doctor loosens and lifts the existing gum tissue without making any incisions. He or she then slides material underneath that boosts the thickness of the gums and helps them stay in place.

The doctors also train their patients how to brush their teeth in a way that minimizes stress on those areas to help prevent the recession from reoccurring.

What Causes Gum Recession?

A number of issues can result in gum recession, including overly aggressive brushing, teeth grinding, misalignment of teeth, gum disease and genetic factors. The doctors will conduct a through examination to find the cause of your gum recession and determine the best solution to fix it.

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